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Years of success in Montreal, Paris, Los Angeles, and other major international cities, mean our network of trusted, high quality service providers specializing in development and renovation is unprecedented. Let us connect you with the best tradespeople and professionals we know to make sure your needs are met.

Anis Kaezar specializes in residential and commercial conceptualization, visualization, architectural graphics and illustrations, artistic direction, animated marketing collateral, and real estate graphics and illustrations.

Anis Kaezar

Kaezar Investments specializes in U.S. residential and commercial development, turnkey project management, new construction and remodeling, real estate investment, plan and permit acquisition, land entitlement, and California investments.

Kaezar Investments

Kaezar Group Inc. provides interior products and services to the most acclaimed properties worldwide. Based in Montreal Canada & Paris France, our focus is manufacturing custom furniture & accessories for luxury five, four & three star hotels, resorts, restaurants, boutiqes, and residential projects. More than a decade ago we began producing furniture for luxury hotels located in North America and have since completed several projects worldwide.

Kaezar Concept

A famous Canadian designer, Adlan Kaezar is known for being a talented and creative man. His know-how in art propels him to accompany prestigious projects in the luxury hotel industry and the major chains of contemporary furniture store. Enthusiastic and passionate about architecture and art, he combines modern techniques of creation and craftsmanship. Influenced by the pop culture of Andy Warhol or Keith Haring Adlan Kaezar creates affordable artwork with a museum quality among various themes. In love with the life of art, his signature is a mark of elegance, modernity and refinement.

Kaezar Gallery