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Imad Kaezar

Trusted Real Estate Broker

As a lover of big cities from an early age, Imad Kaezar’s passion for real estate began very early on. Initially drawn in by urban architectural gems and luxury properties, Imad was soon drawn to renovation and property management.

His journey of growth led him to pursue post-secondary education in Paris, where he grew up, and then a degree in Communication at the Université de Montréal. He also participated in the residential and commercial real estate broker programs.

Many years of learning, innovation, and success later, Kaezar Real Estate offers a broad array of real estate services and an unparalleled network of professional connections that can open many doors.

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Kaezar Real Estate

Trusted Real Estate Brokers

We combine experience working with renowned agencies in Montreal Canada, Paris, and Los Angeles, as well as in other major international cities, with a mastery of French, English, and Arabic. The result is a broad network of connections and a deep real estate knowledge that ensures our worldwide clientele sees success after success.

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We have the experience and know-how to sell your property as quickly as possible--and at the desired price--through our optimized sales process. Here's how.

Property Evaluation

We analyze your property and current market conditions to find the optimal price, while ensuring we work closely with you to answer all questions.

Strategic Web Marketing

We prepare high quality photos, virtual tours, and outline all key property details to optimize the sale.

Property Listing

We immediately list your property on all real estate portals, as well as on sites reserved for professionals. Regular announcements ensure the property remains visible.

Finalizing The Sale

A buyer is found in no time and our team, alongside our legal experts, perform all due diligence to ensure the sale is closed in a safe and timely manner.

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Learn about everything you need to know before, during, and after selling a home to make sure you are well prepared, able to sell your home with ease, and the steps following a Promise to purchase.

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Buyer's Guide

Learn about everything you need to know before, during, and after buying a home to make sure you are well prepared, able to find a property you are interested in, and how to follow up on a Promise to purchase.

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Our Canadian and international clients rely on us for real estate needs of all kinds in both residential and commercial sectors. From luxury residences to commercial facilities, investment real estate, single-occupancy homes, and low-cost condominiums, Kaezar Real Estate is a perfect choice for results that exceed expectations, every time.