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Imad Kaezar, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your professionalism! You and your team were able to advise me, guide me and help me! You are always there to answer my questions; you knew how to manage and comfort me when I had doubts, and you made sure to do everything according to the rules of the art! You are professional, and competent and you had the best strategy to sell my condo as quickly and as well! Keep it up, you and your whole team! For me you are the best broker. Thanks Imad.


As an architect, I am able to recommend the technical knowledge & skills in the real estate field of Team Kaezar. I was also able to appreciate the seriousness and professionalism, as well as the moral value, unfortunately too rare in the world of real estate transactions. Based on the foregoing, I have no doubts about the quality of the services of this team.


We worked with Imad and his team both to buy our new condo and to sell the one we lived in. For both operations, the team was friendly, professional, available, above all smiling and determined. It has been a real pleasure to make these two transactions with the Kaezar Team and we would gladly recommend them.


Imad, thank you for taking good care of us during the search for our home. You took into account our concern about the sectors, and you were able to reassure us and put us in confidence. You quickly found the house of our dreams. You gave us your love and passion for your job. Thank you to you and your team for listening and guiding us properly.

Serge & Vanessa

I didn't think I would be able to sell my house so quickly. Thank you to you and your team for the wonderful work done. You were able to reassure and calm me during my anxieties. Thank you for your speed and efficiency! Now I am going to go and enjoy my retirement in peace.


Imad, I loved working with you and your team. I arrived in Montreal with the fear of not finding the house of my dreams. You were able to perfectly define and guess what my husband and I wanted. Within three months I moved to the other side of the world and quickly found the house I dreamed of. Thank you for your help and your reassuring words. We are going to tell all our expat friends about you. I wish you and your team even more success in the real estate industry.


Thank you Mr. IMAD, We are delighted to have you as our Broker and especially after the record time you have taken to find us a property without forgetting the quick conclusion of the purchase. Hats off to you and your entire team! I am super blown away by your professionalism. Sincerely yours


Thank you Team Kaezar, You were able to translate exactly what I wanted. I didn't think I would stumble upon my dream condo so quickly on one of your custom listings. Apart from a few pitfalls with the bank, which were quickly resolved with your advice, everything went very well. I didn't expect to find what I wanted in this crazy market so quickly either. Good continuation !


A big thank you to Imad Kaezar and his team who we trusted for the sale of our property. Thanks to their professionalism and skills, they managed to sell the house in record time, where others failed ... Thank you for everything.


Enthusiasm, professionalism and seriousness are the terms I use to describe Team Kaezar to those close to me. Thank you for your advice and help in the process of selling my house.


My wife and I are pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness of Team Kaezar. A friendly and very dynamic team, always listening and present to answer our questions! Thank you for the quick sale of our house.

Sebastien & Christine

I contacted Kaezar Real Estate to acquire a few new properties for my investment portfolio. We found some good candy dates and secured them quickly, so I’m happy with the results.


We are beyond happy with the work you did on getting us this property and selling our condo both in the same week !What a relief ! Cheers to doing business with you for our future real estate investments.


Imad was an exemplary efficiency and accompanied me every step of buying my first condo, both through advice and professional network. Person of confidence and very available, I recommend.


Imad Kaezar and his team have the art of integrated services, which help to navigate smoothly through all the necessary steps. Thank you for the excellent work.


Congratulations to you Imad. You sold my duplex with professionalism, speed and efficiency. I wanted to greet you. Looking forward to being able to make another transaction with you.


With Imad Kaezar, my little brother and I were able to sell our house in the space of a weekend. I didn't have to do anything except sign a few documents. I didn't think selling a house could be so easy. Thank you Imad you are my super hero!


These guys are so wonderful and professional. They took a lot of stress out of my family’s move from Toronto to Montreal and the place we ended up going with is great. We have nothing but praise for the team at Kaezar Real Estate.


Hello Imad, thank you for the excellent job you did for my brother and me, in order to complete the purchase of our house.


A big thank you foryour work,responsiveness tomessages and clientservices. This is rareespecially in this crazymarket. So when youcome across brokerswho work well andwho know their files,you tell yourself.


Working with Kaezar Real Estate made buying my first home a very pleasant and smooth experience. I was happy that they were willing to answer all of my (many)questions and explain everything thoroughly. I would definitely recommend them.


Hello Imad, I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for your support in my sales and purchasing projects. You stood out for your availability and your unwavering dedication, but more importantly by respecting my choices and my whims. I hope for endless success and limitless growth and I would not hesitate to work with you again if the opportunity presents itself again. Thanks again.