Five tips for achieving a sleek decor !

March 18, 2022

Long associated with contemporary style, refined decoration has freed itself to become the dominant trend in fashion.

No doubt, in response to a stressful environment, and a constant flow of information, we currently like our peaceful interiors to be cared for.

However, if it favors minimalism, a refined decoration is not a coincidence.

1 - Organize your interior!

A sophisticated and refined decoration is characterized, first of all, by a reduction in the number of pieces of furniture. The goal is to enjoy a quiet and airy interior space.
For it to work, it is therefore a question of avoiding accumulation. Objective: Small piece of furniture! In each room, our first concern is comfort and functionality.
To avoid adding bookcases, shelves and other storage, it is necessary to sort your belongings. Keep only what is necessary!

2 – Choose your colors well !

For a refined decoration, neutral colors are generally recommended. Pure white is a tricky choice. Although it is very bright, brightens up and beautifies a room, it is also a bit cold. It is better to reserve the white for small spaces.
For a sleek and cozy interior with contemporary decor, bet on a more complex color palette, built around gray. In order to avoid violent contrast, it will be associated with ecru and a few touches of white.

3-Bet on materials !

A refined decoration is not without character! To make your interior unique without being intrusive, the trick is to play with materials, such as wood, thick carpets...

4 – Bet on the design !

If you fall for rooms with strict lines, it is important to balance your decoration by playing with the materials.
In a contemporary living room, we put on a sofa lined with cushions, and a thick carpet.
For a pretty and refined decoration, every detail counts. It is better to give preference to functional decorative pieces.

5- Limit your layout !

In an uncluttered interior space, furniture and decoration are limited.
Everything must be seen; to do this, you have to avoid impulsive purchases, reflect carefully and think about each piece you need.
Bet on the harmony of colors, frames and furniture…

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