Five ways to prioritize your work

September 20, 2022

Does your property need a breath of fresh air? Undertaking a renovation is often a successful strategy that offers many advantages. But where to start ? We tell you everything in this article.

1. Make an inventory.

Before hiring a professional to carry out renovation work, it is necessary to understand in detail the characteristics of the property.
- The year of construction
 - The geographical area
 - The quality of the materials
- The state of electricity and plumbing
- The condition of the heating insulation
If you know the state of your home well, you can create a comprehensive to-do list and prioritize the most urgent ones. It is impossible to do everything at the same time!
For this, you must distinguish those that affect the structure. Are they works of an aesthetic nature, for example in decoration and interior design ?

In addition, you can benefit from various funding programs related to energy-related works, such as the replacement of insulation or roofs, doors and windows.

2. Identify property improvement works

If you are doing renovations with the aim of selling at the best price, first identify the works that meet the criteria most sought after by potential buyers.

In addition, the biggest obstacle to closing a sale is related to:

- Construction related to structures (foundations, roofs, facades, etc.)
- Electrical problems
- Defects believed to be due to poor maintenance.

You may possibly be tempted to start with the aesthetic work first. After all, it determines the atmosphere of our house. However, comfort usually includes factors that aren't always obvious at first glance, such as a more efficient water heater or central air conditioner. It also maximizes your chances of closing a sale at the best price.
The choice of materials also plays an important role. For example, hardwood or ceramic floors are not as valuable as floating or vinyl floors.

3. Agree on a budget

Home improvement costs can add up quickly, not only because of your ambitions, but also because of unforeseen events that may arise along the way. To create a detailed budget for each phase of your project, do not hesitate to seek the advice of several experts (architects, general contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc.). Obtaining multiple quotes will give you the most cost-effective way to undertake the work.

4. Set your schedule

Time issues are also usually at the root of capacity issues. If you have little free time and limited manual skills, it is better to hire a professional than to do the renovation yourself.
Are you hesitating? Let a general contractor coordinate all the steps while respecting the standards of the Régie du Bâtiment of the Quebec Building Code.

5. Plan a logical sequence for the renovation

To avoid surprises as much as possible, each step must be planned carefully and in a logical order.

-Electricity andplumbing
-Carpentry and painting work
-Sanitary equipment
-Painting and decorating.

In addition, we recommend that you start with the rooms that affect the main rooms of your house, such as: the kitchen or bathroom.
Improvements that affect the bedroom or living room, especially if they are aesthetic in nature, can be made later.
If your main objective is to sell at the best possible price, do not hesitate to consult a real estate agent !

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