Sell ​​or buy first

February 17, 2022

Selling then buying, or buying before selling... what a headache!
This is a question asked by many owners wishing to move. In the first hypothesis, you are afraid of not finding the apartment or the house of your dreams in time, and of having to rent in the meantime. In the second, you become anxious about taking out a mortgage that suggests losing control of the situation.
You then wonder what is the best solution.

Here are the pros and cons to consider before buying or selling!

1- The advantages of selling first

By selling your current home first, you protect yourself from stress
obvious not to find a buyer in time and to have to assume the cost of two houses, and you free yourself, moreover, from the stress
of not knowing the amount you have available for the purchase of your new property.

The real estate market is not an exact science.
You have no way of knowing with accuracy and precision the best moment to sell, nor of knowing if you will be able to sell at the desired price.

Listing your property for sale, as soon as possible, in order to have time to find a buyer would be the solution for some. However, you have to take into account the fact that some properties find buyers quickly, but you also have to accept the idea of ​​waiting a few weeks, or even several months, before finding a buyer.

2- The advantages of buying first.

If you buy in advance, you are not likely to rent once you have vacated your property, and therefore you save a move.
You can also plan without haste to undertake work in your new home before moving in.

Don't miss your chance!
The Kaezar Team will be able to enlighten you further, and best help you in your decision-making, taking into account all the parameters, depending on your personal situation.

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