The modern kitchen, an essential style !

April 8, 2022

Among the many kitchen styles offered by kitchen designers, the modern kitchen remains essential. Simple yet effective, this kitchen oscillates between classic kitchen features and more modern decor details.

How to create a modern kitchen ?

The modern kitchen that is more original than a rustic kitchen and friendlier than a designer kitchen,  is distinguished by a more open layout with elements such as a work island, or the deployment of color on its exterior walls.
To create a modern kitchen, it is necessary to understand the whole room. A modern open kitchen will not have the same appliances as a modern closed kitchen. For example, a modern kitchen open to the living room will be fitted out with a work island or a bar with high stools. In the case of a modern closed kitchen, a U or L layout would be preferable.

A must have for a modern white kitchen !

It is a superb modern kitchen. The modern kitchen is one of the most popular models of the French. A bright and efficient modern kitchen with a white exterior will blend into any interior style. Creating a space shared with the living room, such as a closed room, cultivates more than one asset. Among its many advantages, we must mention its simple composition, capable of giving character and authenticity to so-called modern rooms. Thus, white kitchen furniture can be associated with cabinets or a central wooden island.

Modern, warm wooden kitchen !

Another big trend in the modern kitchen: wooden versions. Blond or dark woods compete for charm, giving kitchen furniture a modern look while retaining an ounce of warmth so that it is naturally authentic. On the exterior walls, wood is easily applied to the furniture in the dining area: wooden tables and chairs for a Scandinavian-inspired decor, or a rustic-chic touch for those who want to avoid an overall modern look. Another very stylish possible variation: the combination of wood and white laminate for the kitchen unit. A modern and warm combination.

Modern and original design kitchen !

A modern designer kitchen will take the form of a kitchen suitable for receiving colorful touches or a single material, especially as a bookcase or worktop. If the piece of furniture maintains its modern appearance, the design will be expressed through all these details, eventually creating an original element in the center of the room. One would think in particular of stainless steel worktops or even marble splashbacks or tinted mirror effects. The design can be represented by small designer or colored appliances or light fixtures with clean lines such as curtains in the dining room or the central island.

To sum up: choosing the style of your kitchen means making sure you choose a modern kitchen that you can come and summarily enhance.

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